Dynamically integrate you to the Innovation Ecosystem

4BIC place off with the idea of a unusual innovation approach to dynamically integrate users, consumers, experts, start-ups, citizens, suppliers and universities in a participatory innovation ecosystem and thus permit the mutual progress of client -centric and trailblazing innovations. We have remained accurate to this assignment yet since. In a humanity of knowledgeable, linked, energetic and worldwide consumers, unlock and participatory innovation systems are an necessary success aspect for product and service solutions as well as for renovation processes in the digital era.

Improve your Innovation Strategy

Our methods improve accessible innovation management values of large organizations during an open, mutual, and quick innovation path that ensures fast awareness of ideas into digital or physical Least Feasible products.

We assist companies across all industries to transform their innovation models in the digital era, within our innovation ecosystem we build startups for corporate venturing initiatives and ourselves

Managing Innovation Projects

Innovation projects generally need to be sold to project sponsors and funding committees, a responsibility usually not required from normal project teams.Since projects are implemented by people, the ability to collaborate and work effectively on a team is critical, we at 4BIC steering innovation projects by professional qualified project managers leaving the space for innovators to deliver their tremendous projects while we taking care of the entire project processes.

Patenting Innovation

Importantly though, an┬áinnovation patent┬ácannot be enforced until a patent-ability┬áexamination has taken place and the patent “certified” by the Patent Office. This is also a rapid┬áprocess, we are great experts in processing and approaching the closure of patent projects globally, we provide excellent guide on patent processes with approaching to market branding

Innovation management

Innovation management at 4BIC helps an organization snatch an opening and use it to produce and introduce new ideas, processes, or products productively. Inspiration is the basis of innovation management; the end aim is a change in services or industry process.

By utilizing innovation management tools, management can cause and deploy the original capabilities of the work force for the unbroken growth of a company.

Managing complex innovation

When a technology goes through a major transformation stage and yields a winning innovation, it becomes a vast learning experience, not only for the parent business but other industries as well. Big innovations are generally the result of intra and interdisciplinary networking surrounded by technological sectors, alongside with grouping of embedded and open awareness, we at 4BIC mastering the complex innovation scenarios for major transformation phases.

Our innovation models at 4BIC

4BIC’s Seven Models

  1. Management Driven
  2. Product plat-forming
  3. Idea competitions
  4. Client interest
  5. Mutual product design and development
  6. Innovation networks
  7. Knowledge

4BIC’s model offers several benefits to companies operating on a program of global collaboration:

  • Compact cost of conducting research and development
  • Prospective for improvement in development productivity
  • Integration of customers early in the development progression
  • Augment in exactness for market research and customer targeting
  • Potential for synergism linking internal and external innovations
  • Prospective for viral marketing